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New website design

As you can see the design of the website has changed a bit. There a couple reasons why I decided to make this change. Now before you continue reading this article is mostly talk about technical stuff, that’s also why I categorized it under “Coding”. I initially created this blog to document my time at Holsby, but that chapter is finished. Now I would still like to continue to blog en this time about other topics as well. That’s all let’s continue.

For starters the website was running on a beta version of the roots/sage10 starter theme. Even though it was stable I still thought it would be a good idea to update to the proper sage 10 version. Something else that I switched out was carbonfields, I used this to create custom meta fields for menu items, posts & categories. I replaced it with Advanced Custom Fields. Carbonfields was not getting any updates and had a bunch of issues, ACF is a lot more polished and well documented than Carbonfields. At the same time ACF is not free, well… except if you’re able to settle for the basic features, which I was.

I often visit the website Hackernews, this website is a source of articles from small blog’s like this one to big news sites. I was inspired by those small little blog’s, people writing about things they’re passionate about. Not only that but their blog’s we well designed. Recently made a small little webpage on (this is currently not up). I liked the design so I decided to use it for the new blog. This theme has a new name “dlog” it’s available for free on it’s Github repository. The design is also available as a TailwindCSS plugin on Github & npm

This blog is a bit short and that is because I did not finish it last time I was writing it. I thought I’d publish it anyways for those wondering about the new looks. I am working on some other stuff as well and might post some updates on here soon 😉

Have a good one.