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Working at Holsby – busy busy busy

It’s Christmas Break and Fall term is over, man what a ride that was. The term definitely progressed to a more busy schedule. I entered the term with a relative ease and this progression allowed me test my capabilities gradually. At the end, let’s say the last 2 weeks, I kind threw my ‘hope’ for free time out the window knowing that the Christmas break was coming up (I am home from Dec 18 – January 3rd). Last year I experienced Winter term to be more quiet. In January I will start again with a more sustainably schedule and try my best to keep it that way. Anyways enough about my whining of how busy I was, let’s talk about some of the things that happened.

Growth, that’s been happening a lot. When I first applied to be a RA, I definitely knew this job would be out of my comfort zone. And so far certain things have been easier, but a lot of things have been hard as well. Good thing is that I have seen progress in how I handle these more hard situations. Of course still difficult, but definitely improved is disciplining the students, and having them understand why I discipline them.

We have been having snow pretty much since from have way through November.

As RA’s we have weekly tasks like leading the Sunday Service or Leading Wednesday morning TAPP Hour (Testimony and Prayer Partners Hour). Me and Lynece rotate these tasks every week. The reason that I mention these tasks is because they are very different from the other recurring tasks. These are the weekly tasks that require the most preparation as we often have to give a little devotional. I really enjoy this part of the job because it is one of the only tasks that allow me to ‘create’ something. I love creating things and that’s why I like making devotionals. This is because in the end I have written down interpretation of and lesson of God’s Word. I plan on putting these devotion’s online in the future for everybody to read.

Christmas Concert & Holidays

From pretty early on the year we have already been preparing the Christmas Concert. In contrary to last year we we’re able have actual audience. Because of the pandemic we still had to do two performances to split the amount of people coming (because the maximum was 100 people). In the second performance we had around 97 people that came! The theme of the concert was ‘Make room’ referring to making room in our heart for Jesus who’s coming. I will put a link to a video of the Christmas concert when it’s done in the next blog.

Our Christmas concert in the old Alseda Church

A lot my work went into preparing the celebration of the Holiday’s and Festive related activities, most of which I wrote about in my previous blog’s from last year. It was fun to be on the other side of these events. Working behind the scenes etc. I for exampled prepared the Santa Lucia parade, it was a lot of fun to wake up the students in the middle of the night 🙂

Prayer requests

  • Wisdom to balance my work and private time.
  • My hunger for reading the Bible, it has grown, but it can still improve.
  • Discernment for God’s will for my future.
A team picture of the Holsby Bears! (Here’s a link to the Holsby Bears Instagram)
I finished restoring my bike!
The local Christmas market in Holsbybrunn.
Annual staff(red) vs. students(shirts) soccer game, we lost!