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Working at Holsby – the first month

Hello everybody thank you for reading my blog and being interested in my work at Holsby Bible School. I have already learned a lot and I am excited to tell you about my time here so far, but first of all I want to thank those who have supported me financially and by prayer, I greatly appreciate this.

So far I got to relive many of the things we did a year ago, as this brought up many wonderful memories from last year I definitely made many new memories as well. Experiencing everything again as a staff member and seeing the students experience it for the first time is so exciting that it’s hard for me not to spoil all the cool events and activities that are yet to come. The student body does a great job at connecting with each other and helping to include those who sometimes fall outside of the group. There is in general a great drive to get to know God, this is especially visible at the dinner table where conversation are about the lectures or theological questions some of the students have.


Explore Sweden Adventure Week, just like last year we went canoeing and hiking through the Swedish nature. During this time I was able to learn a lot about the students by talking to them, but also by looking at their motivation, their actions and where their mind was at during the trip. To me the trip seemed a lot easier and shorter than the last time, maybe because I had already done it and I knew what was coming up. This helped me in having an encouraged spirit, so that I could reflect this to the students.

Holsby Bears ????

This year I decided to join the Holsby basketball team, the Holsby Bears. I thought this would be a good chance to get to know some of the guys more deeply through sports. I’ve played a little bit of basketball as a kid, but I noticed I have a lot to learn. The boys have been very patient with me tho and in this process I learn a lot from them as well. This basketball team is an outreach in it’s primary purpose. We try to reflects God’s love in the way we play by showing the joy we have in Him and by being friendly and caring on the court.

At every home game we have the chance to share a devotion with the other team when the game is over. This is a very valuable moment we can pray and speak with them directly about God. We also have a team member who is not part of the school but has played basketball for a long time. He was impressed in the way we play and with a loving mindset, therefore he decided to join us. He has a past with God, but is not pursuing that anymore. In playing and practicing with him we can also be a conductor for God’s love to him and maybe reignite something in him.

One of the first home games, this was a very close match losing only with a 4 point difference!


That is the name of the building I live in and is the guys dorm. This is where most of my ministry happens. The guys and I had a good relationship very quickly. They seemed to like me and I was very happy about that because that something I was worried about. At the first dorm life (a monthly evening where the guys and girls have an organized activity separately) I shared my testimony and hopefully that helped them get to know me better and feel save around me as I opened up my heart. One of the privileges as an RA is that you get to hear each of your students testimony in private and talk and pray with them about it. These have been very valuable moments for me already. Almost every evening all of the guys gather after curfew in the Ekhaga living room. Here we enjoy each others company with snack and most of all, ramen!

My group of guys, love them! (picture is from Höstfest, you can read about it in this blog)

There’s much more to write about but this is it for now. God is working in the students and I am blessed to be able to witness that. In the coming blog’s I will explain more things about my job and will go into detail about my tasks and duties. Thank you for reading!

Prayer requests

  • Courage to discipline students when needed.
  • Insight for moments where I could direct group conversation to God instead of everyday topics.
  • Motivation for Basketball practice. (I like it, but some days my motivation is not as present)
  • Wisdom to take time off when I can as I often still work on my off-days.
  • Hunger to spend time alone in God’s Word outside of job related devotionals etc.
Campfires! I like them but hate the smoke 😉
On one of the first evenings I hosted a game night of Family Feud with all the students.
I bought a second hand bike that I like to work on in my spare time, it’s almost done!