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from learning to serving – financial support

A new time has arrived where I will not be student any more at Holsby and in this time I will be devoting myself to serving more than learning, however last summer I already got a taste of what this serving will look like and there is plenty of learning to do there as well. I will explain what my service will look like the coming year, I will be taking the position of RA (Resident Assistant) upon myself, RA is an American concept where somebody is present in the dormitory and supports the students where he/she lives with by being a mentor, tutor and trust-person. There is an RA for both guys and girls, so I will be the RA of around 30 guys. It’s my goal to help these guys to grow in their knowledge of God and love them as God loves me. My work will be mainly relational but when the students are in class I will be working in the office doing more administrative work or working on the and website.

This work will all be on a voluntary basis, however I will receive room and board from the school. So my costs will be minimal in contrary to last year as a student and even tough I am still able to support myself I am open to support from others. You can find the needed information for transaction by bank transfer below. NL57 RABO 0346 5462 73
Ten name van: Vrije Baptisten Gemeente De Fontein te Emmeloord.
Graag onder vermelding van: Ondersteuning Douwe Pausma.

*De Fontein is een ANBI instelling, dus u kunt uw gift meerekennen bij uw belastingaangifte.